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Remember glow-in-the-dark products need to absorb light to re-emit light. The more light you expose the product to means the more light they absorb the brighter and longer the product will glow.

Safety matters

Our patented window covering technologies use earth element crystals that naturally absorb light and emit light thus no toxic hazardous chemicals nor materials are in our glow products.

Levels of the glow effect you should know prior to purchase

(L20%G) Low glow means the product must be exposed to much good light in order for the product to glow brighter longer. (M40%G) Medium glow means the product will glow better with a fairly decent amount of light exposure and produce a better glow than (LG) and a longer glow time. (H80%G) High glow means even without being exposed to a lot of light the product will glow well. (EX100%G) meaning glows well with the least amount of exposure to a light source. Please understand the more light you expose the product to the brighter and longer it excites the product to glow. (FYI) The darker the product's space becomes the brighter they glow. The products are a guiding light in the dark which is great for the elderly and the visually impaired.

You may also like so to know

How adapted your eyes are to the dark will affect the brightness of the glow that your eyes perceive. The more adapted to the dark your eyes are, the brighter the glow that you will see. In fact, the glow will appear to be brightening the more adapted your eyes become!

Ambient light affects the perceived glow of chromatic photoluminescent materials as the light draws your eyes and detracts them from the darkness. A glow-in-the-dark product is best viewed in total darkness as the eyes are allowed to adapt, perceiving a much brighter glow.

Glow effect life span

The ability for the product to glow lasts a lifetime as they charge and rechange indefinitely naturally due to exposure to a light source therefore no power source is needed.

Cleaning and care

Glow products are like any other clean and care as normal.