5 Night Light RV Tilt Wands

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Package of 5. Biodegradable Night Light Mini Blind Tilt Wand is a guiding light in the dark with an extra thick never break tip! We make RVing eco-friendly and safer. Children, elderly, and visually impaired friendly!

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Length 8 inches long
Compositions Bioplastic
Styles Solid Round Eyelet Wand
Properties Glows in the Dark
OD Size 3/8" OD
Quantity 5 Per Package
Cost per unit $5.00 each
Glow Level (L20%G) LOW Glow Effect Level

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QUANTITY; 5/PIECES: 3/8" OD x 8" Long. Eco-friendly smart city tilt wands absorb light naturally. In the dark, they remit the light they absorbed. The thick tips are so they don't break like all others. The guiding light is perfect in black-out situations. Great for the elderly and the visually impaired. Give children a sense of security with a safe night light hanging around. Made with earth elements. Free from hazardous materials and chemicals. Beautiful and built to last perfect gifts for everyone. The glow effect lasts a lifetime. Self-illuminating no power source needed. Glow Info!

FEATURES:  Expose them to light so they will glow bright

  • Use To Open and Close The Window Blinds and Shades;
  • 8 Inch Length; 3/8 Inch Diameter
  • White Color in the light; Glows in the dark
  • 5 Eco-friendly Biodegradable RV Mini Blind Tilt Wands
  • RV Tilt Wand Built to last extra sturdy connector tip